Dichotomy Power LLC is a Northeast focused hydroelectric company. The Company owns, operates, and maintains hydroelectric facilities and works with the stakeholders, agencies, and surrounding communities to enhance the value of the projects for both the community and the environment.

Founded in 2019, Dichotomy Power LLC has grown from three projects to 19 projects and an energy broker across six different states.


Facilities Under Operation

Avery Hydroelectric:
400 kW facility in Laconia, NH

400 kW facility in Brookeville, MD. Currently undergoing relicensing

500 kW facility in Chester, VT

Campton Hydroelectric Project:
639 kW facility in Campton, NH. Currently undergoing relicensing

1.5 MW facility located in Wilbraham, MA

800 kW facility in Sebec, ME

Steels Pond:
925 kW facility in Antrim, NH

Tannery Island:
1.8 MW facility in Carthage, NY

West End:
5 MW facility in Carthage, NY

150 kW facility in Rochester, NH


Ian Clark

Founder / CEO

Ian Clark is the Founder and CEO of Dichotomy Power LLC. Mr. Clark has over a decade of power-market experience ranging from project finance, operations, project engineering, to M&A. Mr. Clark leads all business development operations and oversees all staff.

Travis Daley

Operations Manager

Travis Daley is the Operations Manager at Dichotomy Power LLC. Mr. Daley has extensive experience in construction management and hydropower construction/maintenance

Jonathan DiCesare

Lead regulatory associate

Jonthan DiCesare is lead regulatory associate and handles the compliance and regulatory duties for Dichotomy Power LLC. Mr. DiCesare has years of experience and successfully built a hydroelectric facility in his hometown.

Brad Sheehan

Lead NY operator

Lead NY operator with over fifteen years of experience

Darryn Beaudry

Lead MA operator

Mr. Beaudry has several decades of experience taking care of diesel generators used to provide power during peak periods of demand.


power energy dam

Sappi agrees to sell its hydroelectric assets to Dichotomy Power



Currently, Dichotomy Power is actively relicensing the Brighton and Campton projects. Campton’s Final Application was submitted in Oct of 2020. Brighton’s final license will be submitted in the summer of 2022 and environmental studies are currently taking place.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the relicensing of either facility may reach out to Dichotomy and request information.